What's the frenzy all about...?

Kolkata Derby, locally known as Boro match (or 'Big Match' in Bengali), is the football match between Mohun Bagan (the Ghotis) and East Bengal (the Bangals) and the rivalry between these two teams is almost 100 years old, and features in the FIFA's classic derby list.

To bring Asia's Biggest Ghoti-Bangal rivalry between the patrons right here in the UK, the Indian Fans Association in the UK, an extend arm of London Sharad Utsav (LSU), a Registered Charity (No 1160554) based in North West London is bringing the IFA Shield UK 2018 .The innovation of the concept has caught the imagination of the diaspora and patrons are grabbing every opportunity to smash their century old rivals in round robin matches (where they get to fight their opponents only) right on the soil where football was born.

The football fever has started to spread like wildfire and men from all corners are coming forward to join their favourite football team with the Jerseys of their favourite club on, has already spun the magic and excitement in the air. It’s now time to settle an old score over the arch rivals (pun intended) and this has reignited the passion to live and stay healthy and win the shield.

While the Football Spirit is on in the minds, it’s time to spark that into action on the field to encourage this amongst the players, NHS Healthy Living Aspects have been brought into practice with the inspiration from Sports and health towers of Bengal Heritage project. This is encouraging the otherwise not very gym going middle aged diaspora to go to the football grounds to practice. Practice sessions are being organised at different parts of London and Slough, resulting in physical wellbeing and promoting healthy lifestyle in people alongside mental wellbeing. The gen next, born and brought up here, are understanding our passion for football, even though India hovers way down the ladder in the world football ranking, resulting in cultural wellbeing.  As they say…..every little helps.

For Bengalis, where there is a ‘Boro Match’ it has to be complimented with ‘Boro Mach’ or ‘Big fish - the Ilish Chingri food festival will bring its own flavours of rivalry for food loving bongs who get to satisfy their gastronomic passions and celebrate their side's victories by devouring "Chingri" (Prawn) or "Illish" (Hilsa) fish at the end of the tournament.


That’s not the end …..there are surprises at every corner and fun-filled activities planned for the D-day to give you an adrenaline rush.


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