SNEHODIA IFA Shield UK 2019 Rules and Regulations
  1. The tournament will be 6-a-side.

  2. Each team can be maximum of 12 players of at least 16-year-old

  3. Players should pay £20 entry fee (includes jersey, £5 food coupon).

  4. Every team has to wear the jersey provided by the organiser on the day. If someone gets the jersey before the tournament but forgets to get it on the day, he has to buy a new one for £10.

  5. 20-minute games split into 2 halves of 10 minute each. There will be 5 mins break in between, just for crossing side.

  6. Rolling subs are allowed. 

  7. All teams must take the field with six players.

  8. Unlimited substitution from the reserve will be allowed for all matches.

  9. Kick offs will be taken from half way.

  10. No slide tackles.

  11. No offside.

  12. Height restriction applies to all balls/shots. Any shot above the height of the top-bar of the goal post will be declared as a high ball and an indirect free-kick will be awarded to the opponent from the spot where the shot was taken.

  13. Corners can be taken as normal but along the ground.

  14. No throw-ins but kick-ins instead, if a ball goes out of play beyond the side-lines.

  15. Height restriction applies.

  16. Goalkeepers can pass the ball out with their feet or throw it out with their hands but please bear in mind the height restrictions.

  17. Goalkeepers cannot come outside of box and touch the ball; penalty will be awarded to opponent and yellow card    to be shown to goalkeeper. If repeated it will be red card and penalty.

  18. Goalkeepers should not pick the ball up if it has been passed to them from a team mate- if he does, gets a warning first, next time he gets a yellow.

  19. Goalkeepers must release the ball within 10 seconds. If he does not, gets a yellow and indirect free kick to be awarded to opponent from outside the box. If repeated gets a red.

  20. If a team kicks the ball out of the pitch, it will be kick-in (no throw-in due to height restriction).

  21. All free kicks are indirect.

  22. No pushing or grinding during the game. Serious foul play will be punishable by yellow and red cards.

  23. In the event of a penalty being awarded all penalty takers can only take one step before striking the ball.

  24. If the final rolls to tie-breaker, then each team will take 5 shots each.

  25. Referee decision is final. Any misconduct or challenge to referee’s decision can result into yellow card/ red card depending on its seriousness.  

  26. In case a player receives a Red Card, he has to sit out that half of the game. He can play in the next match or next half as normal. Red carded player can be substituted with another player. This is to give every player a fair chance and also for correcting his game play.

  27. A win results in 3 points awarded to the winning team and Draw results in 1 point awarded to each team.

  28. In case any 2 (or 3) teams finish at the same point within the group,

  29. first the goal difference to be considered;

  30. if that is not enough, goals for to be considered;

  31. if not, goals against to be considered;

  32. if not, total number of Yellow & Red cards to be considered for the teams;

  33. Finally, a tie-breaker to take place of 3 shots each.

  34. All matches to start on time and the playing teams should be present on the ground 5 minutes prior to the match start so that there are no delays. In case, a team is not present on the ground the other team gets a walk-over and 3 points will be awarded to that team who are present on the ground.

  35. No defender or player apart from the goalie can step in to the box and touch the ball. He can pass through the box without a ball though in motion.

  36. It is a Penalty if a defender stops a ball within the D-box.

  37. If a striker shoots and scores with a ball already in the d-box, it will be disallowed and it will be goalie’s ball.

  38. Organising committee need to have an official making note of the match proceedings e.g. match result, name of scorer, goals scored by each team, goals against each team, number of cards against a player and team etc.

  39. Guest/VIP players are above the Bong and non-Bong category.

  40. Ground size to be reduced and made slightly bigger that of a 5-a-side game.

  41. Goal size and height to be as per 5-a-side grounds.

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